SCPTSA provides grant funding for leadership development, family engagement, and the arts:

Grant requests must briefly describe how the funds will be used to support student and family experiences. PTA units may receive up to one grant in each category of up to $400 for the school year. PTA units must be associated with the Seattle Council PTSA. 


SUPPORTING STUDENT SUCCESS The Seattle Council of PTSA offers grants up to $400 to support student experiences in art, including music, dance, theater, literature, and visual arts. Grant applicants may want to link their program with the PTA Reflections Art Program.


PROMOTE FAMILY ENGAGEMENT The Seattle Council PTSA offers grants of up to $400 to help PTAs/PTSAs promote family engagement. Up to $3,000 is available for family engagement grants.


DEVELOP LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL The Seattle Council of PTSA offers grants of up to $400 to assist in efforts to develop PTA/PTSA leaders. This includes current and potential PTA/PTSA officers, appointed board members and committee chairs. Approximately $2000 is available for leadership grants.