To Superintendent Denise Juneau, regarding the Sept. 20 Global Climate Strike

To: Superintendent Denise Juneau

Seattle Public Schools Board of Directors

September 18, 2019

The Seattle Council PTSA board stands with our students who plan to walkout for the Global Climate Strike and joins with the Seattle City Council in urging Seattle Public Schools to embrace the youth-led Strike as a way to expand civic learning, honor the voice of our youth, and build community awareness around climate change. 

The SCPTSA board further urges SPS to excuse students who exercise their First Amendment rights and choose to walkout, and to allow those students the opportunity to make-up any classwork or tests that are missed on Friday. 

The SCPTSA board would also like to recognize that many students and families will not have the same opportunity or may not feel comfortable attending the strike, and that this raises important issues related to equity and inclusion. 

Accordingly, the SCPTSA board further urges SPS administration and educators (i) to consider age-appropriate programming at each school on the day of the Global Climate Strike to allow all students the ability to meaningfully participate, and (ii) to create clear communications to SPS students and families regarding protocols and programming this Friday.  


Manuela Slye

President, Seattle Council PTSA