Focus Day and Advocacy 2018-2019

Due to weather conditions, Focus Day 2019 in Olympia has been canceled. For more information, please visit the WSPTA page.

Now What?

There are many other ways to let your elected representatives know about issues important to you and your community!

  • Go to Olympia any time to support initiatives and priorities by attending public hearings. When a bill is being heard, you can check-in ‘in-support’ or ‘opposed’ and give testimony. See the Washington State Legislature calendar for more.

  • Use this bill tracker to follow legislation.

  • Visit the WSPTA website for more on advocating for the member-voted “Top Five” Legislative Priorities and seven additional supported issues.

  • Subscribe to get alerts from WSPTA for quick and easy ways to connect with our legislators on topics they are actively working on. Action Alerts will continue through the end of the session.

  • Print out and mail these postcards, two to a page. The fronts are English only, but you can choose from English, Spanish, Amharic, and Tigrigna for the back. Legislative staffers at the Capitol can translate back to English for the Legislators if needed, once they receive the cards.